This is an Infinity Keys hunt.

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Find the clues and enter the key.

Hunt for clues and keys anywhere.

(Try the colored letters!)

What isInfinity Keys?

Infinity Keys is a no-code creator tools platform for brands and fans to build engaging metaverse treasure hunt experiences.

The IK team and community are building a series of demo hunts and puzzles to show the power of engagement using scalable games with opt-in Web3 NFTs as an alternative to passive, impression-based marketing.

If you're a player, find clues, decipher keys, and claim treasure. Join our online communities on Twitter and Discord to connect with other players and builders - and click on the Puzzles button up top to see the variety of hunts, clues, puzzles, and treasure live now.


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Engagement > Impressions.

Create Infinity Keys Challenges for your Project

We work with projects to build new types of digital keys for engaging hunts and puzzles.

If you would like to use IK to increase engagement with your community, users, players, or fans, please reach out, and we will contact you directly.

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